GTA Belgium creates mods for
Grand Theft Auto games.

Enlarging gameplay

Game modifications are meant to be used in Single Player. All of my mods enlarge gameplay experience. You can't use them online. Do not cheat on online game modes! For more information, click here.

Free vs Premium VIP version

Almost all of the mods I make are free to use. Certain game modifications require a lot of work and time. That's why a Premium VIP Dubai Islands mod is available on my Patreon.

What is a 'mod'?

A mod (or game modification) can be described as an edit to an existing game. I make mods for Grand Theft Auto games, which means I edit those games, and publish the edit online for download. Is this legal?

GTA IV mods

The first mods i made were for Grand Theft Auto IV. Back in 2012, I started learning editing games, creating 3D objects with programs such as Autodesk 3dsMax... A few mods for GTA IV: Brussels Atomium, Camp Nou IV, Eiffeltower, Estadio Mestalla, Frituur Kurt (mod for a local fastfood/fries restaurant)...

GTA V mods

Then I continued making mods for Grand Theft Auto V. This game is far more advanced as the previous GTA IV. It made editing the game itself more difficult, but the positive is that the game can handle more. A few mods for GTA V: Custom props mod, Stade Sclessin, Monaco GP, GTA: Dubai Islands (including Premium VIP version)...

Other game mods

I also made some unreleased small mods for 3D-era GTA games like San Andreas. Those 'older' games can't handle much, so it weren't really large projects. One of those was an early version of the stadium from one of my favorite soccer teams, Stade Sclessin (Standard Liège). Later this was completely redone for GTA V.