GTA IV mods

The first mods i made were for Grand Theft Auto IV. Back in 2012, I started learning editing games, creating 3D objects with programs such as Autodesk 3dsMax... A few mods for GTA IV: Brussels Atomium, Camp Nou IV, Eiffeltower, Estadio Mestalla, Frituur Kurt (mod for a local fastfood/fries restaurant)...

GTA V mods

Then I continued making mods for Grand Theft Auto V. This game is far more advanced than the previous one, GTA IV. It made editing the game itself more difficult, but the positive is that the game can handle more. A few mods for GTA V: Custom props mod, Stade Sclessin, Monaco GP, GTA: Dubai Islands...

Other game mods

I also made some unreleased small mods for 3D-era GTA games like San Andreas. Those 'older' games can't handle much, so it weren't really large projects. One of those was an early version of the stadium from one of my favorite soccer teams, Stade Sclessin (Standard Liège). Later this was completely redone for GTA V.

One WTC & 432 Park Avenue (Liberty Rewind)

Always wanted a more modern Liberty City in GTA? Then here it is, the One World Trade Center Freedom Tower and 432 Park Avenue near Central Park have now been added to the Liberty City expansion mod 'Liberty Rewind' in GTA 5!


Retro Music T-Shirts for Michael & Trevor

This is a rather small mod in comparison to my other mods, but I release it anyway for everyone who likes older music so feel free to download! Only textures are replaced with this mod. You can use the clothes while playing as Michael and Trevor. Buy them in the clothes stores ingame, or you can also spawn those clothes on Michael/Trevor by using a trainer.


Notre Dame de Paris

As a tribute to the beautiful Notre Dame de Paris, which was unfortunatley destroyed by fire for the most part on 15 april 2019, I decided to make this mod. The location is near the shops at south Vespucci Beach.


San Fierro & Las Venturas DLC

This map DLC places the 3D-era cities of Las Venturas and San Fierro, alongside to the original map of GTA 5. Everything is converted from GTA IV: San Andreas BETA 3. Visit their website:


Olympique Marseille clothing pack

Use this mod with my STADE ORANGE VÉLODROME MOD for the best Olympique Marseille feeling! You can use the clothes while playing as Franklin. Buy them in the clothes stores ingame, or you can also spawn Franklin with those clothes by using a trainer.


Orange Vélodrome Marseille - Soccer Stadium

This is an old project getting a massive update. I present you one of the biggest soccer stadiums in Europe, from my personal favorite soccer team Olympique Marseille, next to Standard Liège from Belgium.


GTA: Dubai Islands

Grand Theft Auto: Dubai Islands brings some of the most recognizable buildings from the Middle East and beyond to the game Grand Theft Auto V! This mod contains multiple islands including a Palm Jumeirah replica, an airport and even the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit from Abu Dhabi! The PREMIUM VIP version of this mod is available for 1$ on Patreon.

Download FREE version
Download 1$ Premium VIP version

Guillermo Ochoa

After I made the stadium of my favorite football team, I thought it would be nice to have an actual player as a skin in the game. So here it is: Guillermo 'Memo' Ochoa in GTA 5! The Mexican goalkeeper plays for Standard Liège in Belgium. I also sent a letter to Memo Ochoa with pictures from my creation, and he shared my work on his social media. I can't thank him enough for that!
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Stade Sclessin

This Belgian stadium is located on the square coming with Monaco GP. It's the stadium from my personal favorite team Standard Liège (next to Olympique Marseille). It's my third stadium converted to GTA 5, after Orange Vélodrome Marseille, and Luzhniki included in Dubai Islands. I have always had a passion for stadiums. This stadium was once a school project, created in 3dsMax from scratch, rendered in Unreal Engine 4. I wanted to make my own 3D creation more alive. A GTA 5 mod is perfect for that. You can say, this is a school project gone out of control...


Monaco Grand Prix

So after my Spa Francorchamps and Yas Marina Circuit mods (GTA: Dubai Islands), I received a few requests to do some more F1 tracks. I present you: Monaco Grand Prix!
The main models are converted from the game Assetto Corsa. The mountains and island where Monaco GP is located in GTA 5, are created by me. Textures from Assetto Corsa, the internet and me. Location of the map is south west from Los Santos, south of the LSI airport.


Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany AddonPed for Grand Theft Auto V by GTA Belgium Head exported from FIFA 16 (EA Sports). Special thanks to arianos10, and Greg & Craig from 3DGamedevblog.
Known bugs in this version: When in dark areas, strange lines may appear under the nose. I want to fix this as soon as possible but I'm still searching what is causing this problem. If someone knows the reason please tell me.
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Phil Collins

This is my first ped mod. I know it isn't perfect at all, but I created the head and textures from scratch in Autodesk Mudbox, 3dsMax, Substance Painter and Photoshop. It's the first time I do this, and decided to release it anyway. I hope to improve the model and face rigging in the future.
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